Part II: Report on Cognitive Virtual Agents at SEB Bank

Part II: Report on Cognitive Virtual Agents at SEB Bank

“The bank’s deployment provides a strong example of the productivity improvements that can be achieved by combining cognitive and autonomic solutions. It highlights the potential of integrating digital labor, autonomics, people, processes and technology into a single system that increases performance levels.”

The authors Professor Mary Lacity, Professor Leslie Willcocks, and Andrew Craig examine how IPsoft’s cognitive virtual agent (CVA), Amelia, is being deployed at SEB, a leading Nordic corporate bank. CVAs like Amelia are software platforms designed to perform like a human service agent using natural language interactions.

  • Decide optimal time to escalate calls to humans
  • Design the machine’s training program
  • Since cognitive automation tools are trained (not programmed), compare training to human training in order to set expectations
  • Gain C-suite support without overselling
  • Invite customers to try the automation, but keep other channels open
  • Envision, communicate and deliver value to employees
  • Assess employee performance based on service quality, not productivity

Read Part II of the report here for free:

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